Next Generation Radiation Detection

Focus on your work, not your device. The AccuRad PRD has your back. 

•  Best-in-class radiation detection
•  Search and localization technology
•  Durable, discreet, and easy-to-use device

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AccuRad App Mobile Monitoring

Get instant access anytime, anywhere, to AccuRad PRD device data and alarm history with Mirion’s app-based companion interface. Or use it to transmit events to a remote reachback system, allowing on-demand operational oversight and critical infrastructure control.

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Introducing the Mirion
AccuRad PRD

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Integrated Solutions And Support

The AccuRad PRD is more than a device; it’s a companion to comprehensive, agency-tailored training and field support programming by the experts at Mirion.

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“I recently obtained a few of the AccuRad PRDs for use by my Special Events RND teams. The team members now arrive early, so they can grab an AccuRad instead of another legacy PRD.” Bomb Squad Incident Commander
and long-standing IABTI member