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On Call
Wherever You Are

Law enforcement and emergency response teams can rely on the AccuRad™ PRD to address a wide variety of critical, in-the-field needs for ensuring public safety and civilian defense against radiological threats. These devices are designed with wider dose rate measurement, better directional source localization and a more robust physical form to help you accomplish your mission — in even the most unpredictable environments.

Introducing the Mirion AccuRad PRD

Ensuring Safety
at Public Events

Major public events — from professional sports competitions, to political and religious gatherings — attract numerous people to a single venue, emphasizing the need for reliable solutions to protect against potential radiological threats. Discreet and easy-to-use, AccuRad PRDs can be deployed in large numbers to monitor the event site and surrounding areas, keeping yourself, your team and the public safe, while keeping it all on the down-low.

Survey the Site With Wearable Detection

Before and during large public events, personnel with PRDs should be assigned to areas in and around the venue, including access points, entrances and exits, parking lot and grounds, restrooms, corridors, and rooftops. With the AccuRad PRD securely fixed to their pockets or belts, you can cast a wide net for detecting any radiological threats.

Locate and Adjudicate Elevated Readings

When an alarm or elevated radiation level is observed, the AccuRad PRD’s directional screen indicator helps to quickly localize the detected source so you can identify any radioactive materials and determine whether or not they pose a possible threat to public health and safety.

Use Smartphone-Based App Connectivity

Personnel in plain clothes should consider using their PRD covertly by placing it in a pocket or backpack and get alarms and dose rates by using the AccuRad PRD smartphone application. The app can also be used to transmit data to a remote reachback system for analysis and to help quickly facilitate response measures.

Reliable Protection for
Critical Infrastructure

AccuRad PRDs empower emergency response teams to efficiently detect and assess radiological risks within and surrounding critical infrastructure, such as government or UN buildings. With state-of-the-art radiological monitoring performance delivering accurate intel, you can count on the AccuRad PRD to help secure these facilities, protecting people, property and the environment.

Survey People, Places and Things

Security detail and Rad/Nuc team members should be deployed to the facility and surrounding area, securing the cities by using PRDs to survey all persons approaching or crossing the security perimeter, in addition to surveying parked vehicles, storage areas, warehouses, mailboxes, waste receptacles and pedestrians, drivers or cyclists nearby.

Locate Elevated Radiation Sources

In the event of an alarm, PRDs can help identify the precise location of the source of any elevated radiation levels noted during surveys. If the elevated reading is from a vehicle, for example, the AccuRad PRD’s search mode can help determine if the radiation originates from the passenger compartment or from cargo space.

Get Real-Time Data Relays

With the AccuRad PRD’s app connectivity, you can connect and transmit device data to a remote software platform, broadening situational awareness on the ground, and supporting investigations and adjudications of elevated radiation levels.

Best-in-Class Solution
for Border Security

Prevention is imperative when it comes to protecting the health and safety of the public from threats of radiological terrorism, and high-performance PRDs are the first line of defense. With hands-free detection and accurate source localization, the AccuRad PRD ensures efficient tracking and assessment of any radiation risks during interdiction efforts at border crossings and transport corridors.

Enhance Surveillance At Crossing Stations

Whether responding to potential smuggling of radioactive materials or a threat of radiological attack, local, state, and federal personnel with PRDs can be dispatched to scan for elevated radiation dose rates from all persons and vehicles at border crossings and at checkpoints located along major transportation routes.

Adjudicate Abnormal Radiation Readings

Radiation and radioactivity are not uncommon, and there are legitimate industrial sources and vehicles carrying or delivering these sources that can cause alarms. Adjudicating these alarms is an important aspect of radiological and nuclear interdiction operations, and AccuRad PRDs can help quickly determine if elevated dose rates are innocent or malicious.

Monitor Remotely With Reachback Connectivity

Designed with a corresponding smartphone application, the AccuRad App allows real-time data relay and reachback connectivity to common operational data platforms, so central command facilities for state or federal agencies and territorial response organizations can help track threats and have the information they need to coordinate any necessary response efforts.

First Line of Defense for
Emergency Responders

Emergency responders often put themselves in the line of danger in order to protect the public. AccuRad PRDs give emergency responders peace of mind with accurate dose readings and reliable alarms.

Radiation Exposure Readings with Expert Level Accuracy

The AccuRad PRD provides dose measurement and dose alarms for radiological events, utilizing Mirion’s depth of expertise in the radiation safety industry. The AccuRad PRD can alarm emergency personnel visually, audibly and with vibration, capturing a wide dose range.

Get Real-Time Data Relays

With AccuRad PRD’s app connectivity, you can connect and transmit device data to a remote software platform, broadening situational awareness on the ground and supporting investigations and adjudications of elevated radiation levels.

Rough Treatment, Harsh Conditions

The AccuRad PRD is solid and durable, with an impact-resistant covering to stand up to the test, time and time again. AccuRad PRD also boasts waterproof protection for when teams are (literally) putting out fires.