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The Mirion AccuRad™ unit is the first PRD developed in collaboration with emergency responders and law enforcement officers. The result of this revolutionary partnership? A world-class radiation detection device that works like you do – it's tough, consistent, and in it for the long haul in the field.

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Built in Response to First Responder Needs


The AccuRad PRD is resistant to dust, sand and moisture and rated IP-67. Its rugged body provides protection and improves shock resistance and handling, helping it stand up to the rigors of life in the field time and time again.


An intuitive interface with clear, visual information, bright LED alarm indicators and self-explanatory buttons provide easy operation with minimal to no training. Device data is also automatically saved with no operator action required.


With an easy-to-read top-screen display, users can glance at a reading without having to remove the AccuRad PRD from their belt or pocket. A built-in discreet mode silences alarms; headphone connectivity adds an even greater level of stealth operation.

Physical Features

Device Front
Bottom of Device

The AccuRad PRD is compact with big, easy-to-press buttons for performing one-handed measurements, even when wearing gloves. The device design includes five buttons, two LED indicators, two display screens — one large front display and a bonus display seen when worn — and a USB-C port for connecting external headphones, in addition to a tough, built-in belt clip for affixing securely to a belt or pocket.

Other Features

Device Diagram

First Defense For First Responders

A new level of high-performance radiation detection, search and localization.
The AccuRad PRD offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in measuring radioactivity levels and identifying radiation sources, utilizing Mirion’s long-standing expertise in the radiation safety industry.

Exceptional measurement range offers dose rate capabilities from background to 1000 rem/h (10 Sv/h) utlizing a combination of two energy compensated detectors: one sensitive low range detector to quickly detect low gamma radioactivity levels, and one high range detector for extended range measurements.

Directional source pinpointing helps users zero in on trouble faster. A unique “on-the-move” localization algorithm enables intuitive source search and a built-in radar screen display indicates the direction of the radioactive material.

Simplified data transmission via the AccuRad smartphone application integrates fully automated Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity to transmit AccuRad PRD’s parameters to your phone.

Outstanding battery life allows for more than 900 hours continuous operation in high temperatures. The AccuRad PRD is powered by two commercially available AA batteries (1.2 V to 1.5 V), and can be used in temperatures as low as -4 °F (-20 °C) and as high as 140 °F (60 °C).

How It Works

Automatic Detection and Localization
The AccuRad PRD is a device that automatically detects radioactive and nuclear sources, only alerting the user when a threat is detected, in which case the device triggers selectable audible, visual and/or vibration alarms.

Using the “Search” mode while holding the AccuRad device by hand, the user can view the Radar screen for directional assistance in localizing the source in a wide/crowded environment. The “Trend” screen then provides a graphical view of the immediate radiological environment, helping the user locate a close-by source, like when inspecting a car/baggage/cargo. When using auditory and vibratory alarms, the PRD will chirp faster when moving closer to the source, letting users keep their eyes on the search, while still being alerted to the instrument indications.

Data Transmission and Connectivity
The AccuRad PRD is designed for pairing with a smartphone via the PRD app, allowing real-time remote access to measurements and alarm history, and providing sharing features including data logging, batch processing, messaging (email, SMS), and reachback connectivity to common operational data platforms.

Optionally, the AccuRad PRD can also be remotely monitored by the SpirVIEW Mobile™ Supervisory software along with the other SPIR family instruments. The AccuRad PRD is also compatible with a variety of additional software platforms, including RadResponder and Sigma.

The Platform

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