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We’re committed to bringing the same level of rigor to our technical assistance and education services as we do to our device development. You can find answers to common questions and product manuals here, but Get in Touch if you need additional information, or want to learn about how we can work with you to tailor protocols and concept of operations to your unique needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I replace the belt clip on the AccuRad PRD?

  • How do I turn the AccuRad PRD On or Off?

  • How do I replace the batteries in the AccuRad PRD?

  • Can the AccuRad use other battery types?

    Yes, the AccuRad supports the use of lithium and rechargeable NIMH batteries, in addition to Alkaline. Refer to AccuRad Operating Manual when using different batteries.

  • Does the radar feature require calibration?

    Yes, the radar feature is initially calibrated in the factory before delivery and ready to operate. The radar can be calibrated with a built-in radar calibration module. It's available in the settings under the menu (circle button), Settings > Service > Radar Calib.

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Download the AccuRad Quickstart Guide.


Download the AccuRad spec sheet.


Download the AccuRad wallet card.